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Desk Flags

Tahiti flag Tahiti
Taipei City, Taiwan flag Taipei City
China- Taiwan flag Taiwan
Taiwan 1996 Proposal flag Taiwan 1996 Proposal
Tajikistan flag TAJIKISTAN
Tanganyika 1919 flag Tanganyika 1919 (British)
Tanzania flag TANZANIA
Crimean Tatar flag Tatar, Crimean
Tel Aviv, Israel flag Tel Aviv
Thailand flag THAILAND
King of Thailand 1891 flag Thailand
King (1891)
Tibet flag Tibet
Tlaxcala, Mexico flag Tlaxcala
Togo flag TOGO
Tokelau flag Tokelau
Tokyo, Japan flag Tokyo
Tonga flag TONGA
Toronto, Canada flag Toronto

Torrellas, Spain flag Torrellas
Transvaal Republic (1852-1877, 1881-1902) page Transvaal
Transvaal Colony 1904 (British) page Transvaal
Transylvania flag Transylvania
Trinidad & Tobago flag TRINIDAD & TOBAGO
Trinidad 1889 (British) flag Trinidad 1889
Trinidad 1958 British page Trinidad/Tobago
Trinitaria flag Trinitaria
Tristan Da Cunha flag Tristan Da Cunha
Australia Trust Territory New Guinea flag page Trust Territory New Guinea
Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands flag Trust Territory Pacific Islands
Tunisia flag TUNISIA
Turkey flag TURKEY
Turkmenistan flag TURKMENISTAN
Turks & Caicos flag Turks & Caicos
Tuvalu flag TUVALU
U.S.S.R. flag U.s.s.r.
Uganda flag UGANDA
Ukraine flag UKRAINE
United Arab Emirates flag UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
United Kingdom flag + UNITED KINGDOM

United Kingdom Blue Ensign page United Kingdom Blue Ensign
United Kingdom Merchant page United Kingdom Merchant
United Kingdom Naval page United Kingdom Naval
United Kingdom Royal Air Force flag U.K.
Air Force
United Kingdom Royal Standard page United Kingdom Royal Standard
United Nations flag United Nations
Uruguay flag URUGUAY
Uzbekistan flag UZBEKISTAN
Vancouver, Canada flag Vancouver
Vancouver Island flag Vancouver Island
Vanuatu flag VANUATU
Pontifical Swiss Guard 2002 flag Vatican Guard
Pontifical Swiss Guard 2005 flag Vatican Guard
Pontifical Swiss Guard 2008 flag Vatican Guard
Pontifical Swiss Guard 2013 flag Vatican Guard
Pontifical Swiss Guard 2015 flag Vatican Guard
Venda, South Africa flag Venda
Venezuela flag VENEZUELA
Republic of Venice Venice,
Vietnam flag VIETNAM
South Vietnam flag Vietnam
Virgin Islands flag Virgin Islands

Wachtersbach, Germany flag Wachtersbach
Wake Island flag Wake Island
Wales flag Wales
Wallachia flag Wallachia
Wallomia, Belgium flag Wallonia
Wallis & Futuna flag Wallis & Futuna
Western Isles Council, Scotland flag Western Isles Council
Western Sahara flag Western Sahara
Western Samoa flag WESTERN SAMOA
Wicklow, Ireland flag Wicklow
Winnipeg, Canada flag Winnipeg
Yap flag Yap
Yemen flag YEMEN
Yonaguni, Japan flag Yonaguni
Yugoslavia flag Yugoslavia
Zaire flag Zaire
Zambia flag ZAMBIA
Zanzibar flag Zanzibar
Zimbabwe flag ZIMBABWE
Zimbabwe-Rhodesia (1979) flag Zimbabwe-Rhodesia

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