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International Flags
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U.N. Members are CAPITALIZED in BLUE
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Desk Flags

NATO flag n.a.t.o.
Nairobi, Kenya flag Nairobi
Namibia flag NAMIBIA
Nauru flag NAURU
Nepal flag NEPAL
Netherlands flag + NETHERLANDS
Netherlands Antilles flag + Netherlands Antilles
New Caledonia flag New Caledonia
New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico flag (NPP)
Puerto Rico
New Zealand flag NEW ZEALAND
Nicaragua flag NICARAGUA

Niger flag NIGER
Nigeria flag NIGERIA
Nigeria President flag Nigeria
Niue flag Niue
Norfolk Island flag Norfolk Island
Normandy, France flag Normandy
North Borneo page North Borneo
North Korea flag NORTH KOREA
Northern Cyprus flag Northern Cyprus
Northern Ireland flag Northern Ireland
Northern Marianas flag Northern Marianas
Northern Rhodesia flag Northern Rhodesia
Northumberland flag Northumberland
Norway flag NORWAY
Nyasaland flag Nyasaland
Organization of American States flag o.a.s.

Okinawa, Japan flag Okinawa
Orange Free State flag Orange Free State (1854)
Orkney flag Orkney
Orkney Banner of Arms flag Orkney Banner
Oman flag OMAN
North Ossetia flag Ossetia, North
South Ossetia flag Ossetia, South
Ottoman Empire (1844) flag Ottoman Empire
Ottoman Empire Religious flag Ottoman
Pacific Community flag Pacific Community
Pakistan flag PAKISTAN
Palau flag PALAU
Palestine flag Palestine
Panama flag PANAMA
Papua New Guinea flag PAPUA NEW GUINEA
Paraguay flag PARAGUAY
Paris, France flag Paris
Patras, Greece flag Patras
Peru flag PERU

Philippines flag PHILIPPINES
Pitcairn Islands flag Pitcairn Islands
Poland flag POLAND
Poland w/Eagle flag Poland
Pohnpei flag Pohnpei
Ponce, Puerto Rico flag Ponce
Portugal flag + PORTUGAL
France- Provence/Anjou page Provence
France- Provence/Aragon page Provence
Kingdom of Prussia flag Prussia
Puerto Rico flag + Puerto Rico

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