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U.N. Members are CAPITALIZED in BLUE
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Desk Flags

East African Community flag East African Community
East Germany page East Germany
East Timor flag EAST TIMOR
Easter Island flag Easter Island
Ecuador flag ECUADOR
Edinburgh, Scotland page Edinburgh
Egypt flag + EGYPT
Egypt (1882) flag Egypt (1882)
Egypt (1914) flag Egypt (1914)
El Doliente de Hidalgo (1812) flag El Doliente
de Hidalgo
El Salvador flag EL SALVADOR
Elba, Italy flag Elba
England St. George's Cross flag England
Equatorial Guinea flag EQUATORIAL GUINEA
Eritrea flag ERITREA
Esperanto flag Esperanto
Catalan Blue Estelada flag Estelada
Catalan Red Estelada flag Estelada
Estonia flag ESTONIA

Ethiopia flag ETHIOPIA
Ethiopia w/Lion flag Ethiopia w/Lion
European Union flag European Union
Falange Party, Spain flag Falange
Falkland Islands flag Falkland Islands
Faroe Islands flag Faroe Islands
Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland flag Fed. of Rhodesia and Nyasaland
Fenian with 0 Stripes flag Fenian
0 Stripes
Fernando de Noronha flag Fernando de Noronha
Flanders, Belgium flag Flanders
Fiji flag FIJI
Finland flag FINLAND
Flanders, Belgium flag Flanders
Florence, Italy flag Florence
Formosa (1895) flag Formosa (1895)
Four Freedoms flag Four Freedoms
France flag + FRANCE
France Original Banner 12-13th Century flag France
Original Banner
France Royal Standard flag France
Royal Standard
Fleur-de-Lis 3 Gold on Blue flag Fleur-de-Lis
3 Gold/Blue

Frankfurt, Germany flag Frankfurt
Free France flag Free France
Free France Naval flag Free France
French Foreign Legion flag French Foreign Legion
French Guiana flag French Guiana
French Polynesia flag French Polynesia
French Southern and Antarctic Lands page French Southern
Antarctic Lands
French Sudan flag French Sudan
Friesland, Netherlands flag Friesland
Friuli, Italy flag Friuli
Gabon flag GABON
Galway City, Ireland flag Galway
Gambia flag GAMBIA
Gambia 1889 flag Gambia (1889)
Gascony, France flag Gascony
Geneva, Switzerland flag Geneva
Georgia Republic flag GEORGIA REPUBLIC
German East Africa Company flag German East Africa Co.
Germany flag + GERMANY
Germany Naval WWI flag Germany WWI
Germany w/Eagle flag Germany w/Eagle

Ghana flag GHANA
Gibraltar flag Gibraltar
Gibraltar 1875 flag Gibraltar (1875)
Greece flag + GREECE
Kingdom of Greece flag Greece, Kingdom
Greenland flag Greenland
Grenada flag GRENADA
Grenada 1903 flag Grenada (1903)
Guadalajara, Mexico flag Guadalajara
Guadeloupe flag Guadeloupe
Guam flag Guam
Guatemala flag GUATEMALA
Guernsey flag Guernsey
Guinea flag GUINEA
Guinea-Bissau flag GUINEA-BISSAU
Guyana flag GUYANA
Guyana 1906 flag Guyana
Gyspy flag Gypsy

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