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Set of 40 nylon flags with double-stitched seams.
26 Alphabet Flags, 11 Pennants, and 3 Substitutes in handy storage bag.
Finished with nylon rope distance lines, with toggles*.
* - Toggles stocked with complete sets only.

Individual flags stocked with canvas heading and grommets.
Other combinations are made to order.

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Lightweight nylon
Limited quantity
Size 0 Size 2 Size 3 Size 7 Size 10 Size 14

12x15" 18x24" 24x24" 36x36" 48x48" 48x72"
Pennants 8x24" 16x36" 16x36" 24x54" 32x72" 32x108"
Substitutes 8x16" 12x24" 16x28" 24x48" 32x64" 32x64"
rope/toggle Each $50 - - - $110 $120 $140 n/a
call for availability
header/grommets Each
brass snap/ring Each

Flag Name Nautical Meaning       Flag Name Nautical Meaning
ALFA signal flag Alfa Diver Down; Keep Clear       NOVEMBER signal flag November No
BRAVO signal flag Bravo Dangerous Cargo       OSCAR signal flag Oscar Man Overboard
CHARLIE signal flag Charlie Yes       PAPA signal flag Papa About to Sail
DELTA signal flag Delta Keep Clear       QUEBEC signal flag Quebec Request Pratique
ECHO signal flag Echo Altering Course to Starboard       ROMEO signal flag Romeo  
FOXTROT signal flag Foxtrot Disabled       SIERRA signal flag Sierra Engines Going Astern
GOLF signal flag Golf Want a Pilot       TANGO signal flag Tango Keep Clear of Me
HOTEL signal flag Hotel Pilot on Board       UNIFORM signal flag Uniform Standing into Danger
INDIA signal flag India Altering Course to Port       VICTOR signal flag Victor Require Assistance
JULIETT signal flag Juliett On Fire; Keep Clear       WHISKEY signal flag Whiskey Require Medical Assistance
KILO signal flag Kilo Desire to Communicate       X-RAY signal flag X-ray Stop Your Intention
LIMA signal flag Lima Stop Instantly       YANKEE signal flag Yankee Am Dragging Anchor
MIKE signal flag Mike I Am Stopped       ZULU signal flag Zulu Require a Tug
FIRST REPEATER signal flag 1st Repeat Repeat First Flag
SECOND REPEATER signal flag 2nd Repeat Repeat Second Flag
THIRD REPEATER signal flag 3rd Repeat Repeat Third Flag
CODE signal flag Code / Answer End of Message / Decimal
ZERO signal flag Zero       FIVE signal flag Five
ONE signal flag One       SIX signal flag Six
TWO signal flag Two       SEVEN signal flag Seven
THREE signal flag Three       EIGHT signal flag Eight
FOUR signal flag Four       NINE signal flag Niner
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